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Lumen Dynamics Broadens its OmniCure® High Power LED Curing Solutions For Industrial ...

December 19, 2013

Lumen Dynamics, an Excelitas Technologies® Company and a world leader in light delivery technologies, further expands its OmniCure® AC Series of UV LED curing s...
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Lumen Dynamics – Fluorescence Illumination and UV Curing Systems

Corporate Overview

Lumen Dynamics is a world leader in the creation and design of cutting edge light delivery solutions. We are motivated by nearly three decades of light expertise in both life science applications and manufacturing. Lumen Dynamics is a technology company committed to delivering customer solutions through innovation in the creation, delivery, and application of light.

Central to our manufacturing solutions for medical device, electronics/optoelectronics manufacturing, and digital printing processes is precision UV curing and bonding. The focus of our life science solutions is fluorescence illumination and measurement technologies ideal for bioscience research, instrumentation, and microscopy. The comprehensive line of Lumen Dynamics’ products comprises our highly regarded brands: Omnicure® UV Curing Systems and X-Cite® Fluorescence Illumination Systems.


Established in 1984, Lumen Dynamics rapidly took the lead in light-based technologies by delivering cutting edge solutions to a worldwide customer base. Initially, the company focused on offering dentists with state of the art dental curing solutions used for bonding composite dental fillings. In the following 12 years, the company expanded this business by providing industry leading products to several companies, including Dentsply® International and 3M®. Lumen Dynamics sold its dental curing business in 1997, and then used its expertise to develop new technology and become the leader in UV assembly manufacturing for medical devices.

Rather than light curing composites used in dentistry, Lumen Dynamics offered UV curing systems used to cure photo-reactive adhesives that adhere different materials together. In 1998, the company brought the same approach to inventing illumination systems into the fiber optic telecom-component manufacturing market. Within three years, the company was a leader in that market.

Lumen Dynamics’ continued its record of innovation in 2003, with the development of a new system for the delivery of light through advanced fluorescence microscopes used for cellular imaging. Once again, it only took three years for Lumen Dynamics to become the leader in fluorescence illumination systems for microscopes, which it accomplished through its commitment to understanding and solving the complex issues of its customers. In 2008, Lumen Dynamics created innovative new light-based delivery systems for digital printing where inks are instantly dried to create images of high resolution at a greatly reduced cost.

For nearly 30 years, Lumen Dynamics has relentlessly pushed forward, innovating revolutionary technologies to provide value for its customers. Lumen Dynamics offers solutions to some of the most demanding industries, including FDA approved manufacturing, high quality printing, and life science research. The company has continued to lead in a variety of markets. At its heart, the company is bound together by highly talented people who innovate in the fields of light, light delivery solutions, and the interactions between light and photosensitive materials. Lumen Dynamics is determined to advance technology while continuing to enhance its dedication to environmental sustainability.

Our Mission and Values

We at Lumen Dynamics are light source experts. Our customers rely upon us for superior quality fluorescence illumination products and UV curing systems. The products we offer improve the efficiency and reliability of multi-industrial applications, which augments production capabilities. For applications in life sciences, we remove the light source as a variable in the equation in order to help researchers work at their best.


Respect and Integrity

At Lumen Dynamics, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of both personal and business ethics. We treat all co-workers with respect, and we endeavour to create a culture of accountability and responsibility.


Focused on Customers

Our customers are our central focus. Their needs propel our actions, and we constantly aim to establish and maintain high-value relationships with our clients.


Results-Oriented Through Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our goals are ambitious, and we strive to excel in execution. We are energetic and passionate, and we act with urgency to produce results in advance of market needs while using company resources optimally. We consistently encourage and acknowledge initiative and new ideas.



Our goal is to achieve a team-oriented, open environment that extends across all functions, to all levels, and to all our key partners. Furthermore, we aim for superior workforce engagement in a work environment where all employees can achieve their full potential. We believe in a fun, challenging workplace.


Operational Excellence

We approach management, customer service, product and market development, production and all key business practices with a goal of total quality.

Our Products: OmniCure® UV Curing Systems and X-Cite® Fluorescence Illumination Systems


OmniCure® UV Curing Lamps & LED UV Curing Systems

OmniCure® takes advantage of Lumen Dynamics’ unique expertise to provide UV curing results that are faster and more consistent, which ensures that our customers optimize production-efficiency savings and product quality. To supply the most advanced, reliable, and simple-to-use UV curing technology to leading manufacturers worldwide, OmniCure® provides innovative UV curing systems.

OmniCure® UV curing systems are highly adaptable and easy to integrate, with a comprehensive portfolio of products, ranging from advanced LED UV area curing systems to precision UV spot curing lamps.

OmniCure® LED UV curing systems are suitable whether a small or a wide curing area is needed in your application. These systems are designed to provide an exceptionally uniform area of high optical power, which allows for rapid, even curing of UV sensitive coatings, inks, and adhesives. The AC Series systems are designed with advanced air-cooled technology, which reduces the heat absorbed by the substrate while still delivering high power UV light with unprecedented uniformity.

OmniCure® S Series UV bonding lamp systems are ideal for precision spot-curing adhesives in high-tech industrial applications, i.e. optoelectronic and medical device manufacturing. These UV bonding lamps are designed to match the curing requirements of the specific UV adhesives and components being assembled, which results in a more reliable and repeatable manufacturing process.

With cutting-edge UV LED technology, the OmniCure® LX400+ UV LED spot curing system has high power efficiency and maximum control, which reduces assembly costs. The LX400+ LED UV curing system features our patented Intelli-Lamp® technology. Intelli-Lamp® lets users record the hours of operation of the LED, and allows real-time monitoring of the LED head temperature. This UV curing system has an intuitive and robust user interface, which controls up to four UV LED spot curing heads. The OmniCure® LX400+ can simultaneously or independently control these LED heads at the following wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm and 400nm.


X-Cite® Fluorescence Illumination Systems

X-Cite® is our family of fluorescence illumination products. These measurement solutions and illumination systems are specifically designed for fluorescence microscopy. Suitable for both fixed and live cells, X-Cite® offers both LED and lamp microscope light sources that will optimize your imaging and provide greater data reliability. The wide range of fluorescence illumination systems, from our X-Cite® 120Q lamp-based model to our advanced X-Cite® XLED1, means X-Cite® has the right lighting solution for your application.

The X-Cite® microscope light sources are renowned for superior illumination uniformity and excellent stability. Our lamp-based systems are easy to install and very convenient, with long-life lamps that come pre-aligned. For routine fluorescence imaging, the X-Cite® 120Q is our standard light source. The X-Cite® 120PC offers the same rich spectral excitation, but with the capability of interfacing through software applications. The X-Cite® 200DC is designed for imaging with short-exposure times. If your application requires time-lapse studies and long-term stability, the X-Cite® exacte is ideal.

The X-Cite® LED microscope illuminators provide high intensity LED illumination, with intuitive controls and incredibly simple installation and operation. The X-Cite® XLED1 has the ability to extend live-cell imaging with its intelligent pulsing and triggering capabilities. The X-Cite® 120LED is similar to the X-Cite® 120Q, but with LEDs guaranteed for 25,000 hours of life.

The X-Cite® Power Measurement system is capable of measuring your optical power right at the objective plane, or at the end of a light guide. Regardless of the type of microscope illuminator in your application, the X-Cite® power meter will enable you to keep illumination levels consistent. Consequently, imaging results will be more reproducible, which increases the robustness of any research.

Environmental and Quality Policy


Environmental Policy

Lumen Dynamics is committed to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution. An effective environmental management system (EMS) shall be established in endorsement of this commitment.

By complying with all relevant regulations, legal requirements, and internal guidelines and procedures, we will focus our actions on protecting the environment. Within our EMS, we will set achievable objectives and goals, and we will continuously measure, improve, and evaluate our performance against these goals.


Quality Policy

Lumen Dynamics shall align and apply its capability in design, manufacture, and customer service to supply cutting-edge light delivery solutions that are considered best in class and provide superior value to customers in the markets we serve.

Lumen Dynamics is committed to ongoing improvement in both process and product and all associated aspects of our operations.

Awards and Recognition

Lumen Dynamics has been recognized with several awards from prominent and international organizations. These awards are in recognition of the company’s dedication to innovation, superior technology, talented team members, and customer service excellence.

2012 International Customer Service Association Awards

Lumen Dynamics was recognized for customer service excellence with the 2012 Platinum Contact Centre of the Year award by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA).

A second award was received when one of its customer service employees was named the 2012 Silver Customer Service Representative of the Year, distinguishing that employee among hundreds of nominated candidates.


2012 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards

For its X-Cite® XLED1 Internal Pulse Generator, Lumen Dynamics earned the 2012 Microscopy Today Innovation Award from the Microscopy Society of America. This award was given on the criteria of importance and utility to the microscopy community. The Internal Pulse Generator furnishes researchers with accurate time control and pulsing of individual LEDs, which is especially useful for advanced biological imaging applications.

The Internal Pulse Generator is exclusive to the X-Cite® XLED1 microscope light source. It produces rapid, timed wavelength switching between LEDs at unprecedented microsecond speeds — well beyond the ability of mechanical filter wheels. This enables researchers to observe fast cell dynamics in live cell experiments at a level unattainable with existing technologies. The ability to pulse individual LEDs at these speeds is believed to extend cell life by diminishing the effects of cellular damage and photobleaching caused by continuous illumination.


2010 Prism Award

Lumen Dynamics was awarded the 2010 Prism Award for its X-Cite® XP750 Objective Plane Power Sensor, which was designed specifically for measuring power at the specimen level in fluorescence microscopy applications. The XP750 is a powerful and intuitive tool that is engineered with precision to enable researchers to conveniently and very accurately measure power at the objective plane.

Without using attenuating filters, the X-Cite® XP750 demonstrates an impressive dynamic range, which gives it a sleek form factor that easily fits on the microscope stage of both inverted and upright models. This form factor makes it straightforward to obtain repeatable and consistent illumination throughout experiments. The XP750 is also a useful diagnostic tool for troubleshooting and equipment set-up.

Innovative Solutions to Advanced Manufacturing

Lumen Dynamics is constantly pursuing innovation and excellence in its manufacturing solutions.  We take pride in our fluorescence illumination and UV curing systems’ record for quality and effectiveness.  Our constant pursuit of innovation ensures that Lumen Dynamics will continue as a leader in the development of light delivery manufacturing solutions.

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