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Best Practices for implementing UV/LED Cured Adhesive Bonding Solutions

Duration: 1 hour
Join Industry Leaders Lumen Dynamics, Precision Valve Automation and Enercon Industries for an informative webinar that will provide you with Best Practices for...

How LEDs can provide a Stable and Kind Environment for Live Cell Imaging

Duration: 30 minutes
Join industry leader, Lumen Dynamics for an informative webinar that will discuss how LEDs can provide a stable and kind environment for live cell imaging. LEDs are...

Key Factors to Consider When Determining the Best Curing Technology for your UV Assembly Process

Duration: 1 hour
Manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies within their manufacturing processes in order to increase profitability. With...

Is Pulsed LED Illumination Less Damaging to Living Cells?

Duration: 45 minutes
Pulsed LED illumination has been shown in several studies to generate less phototoxicity for live-cell imaging compared with conventional mercury lamp illumination...

LAMP? LED? LASER? Which light source is best for your microscopy application?

Duration: 1 hour
The field of fluorescence microscopy is constantly evolving and the technology is changing at a rapid pace. This is certainly the case for light sources for...