Lumen Dynamics

Ordering Guide and Contact Details

Following these instructions will ensure that your order will be processed quickly and efficiently. Select your region to view important region specific information.

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First-Time Orders

If you are a new Lumen Dynamics customer (i.e., placing an order for the first time), please begin by submitting a credit application to our Credit Department so as to establish your account and enable efficient processing of all future transactions.

To do so, simply download and print the Credit Application Form (33 KB; PDF format). Once you have filled in the form, fax it to the Lumen Dynamics Credit Department at the number indicated. Please note that this important document must be submitted by fax or by mail as signatures are required. All applications are acknowledged and processed promptly.

Credit Card Orders

credit_card_logosCredit card orders are processed in Canadian and US currency only.
Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted.
To place your credit card order by phone, please call our Customer Service department at one of the following numbers:

+1 800 668-8752 (Canada & US only)
+1 905 821-2600 (all other regions)

Sales Acknowledgement

Typically, a sales acknowledgment is sent by fax or e-mail within 48 hours following the receipt of your purchase order by Lumen Dynamics Customer Service. A longer time frame is possible when orders include non-standard products.