OmniCure® UV Curing Lamp & LED UV Curing Systems

OmniCure® offers innovative UV curing systems that provide leading manufacturers worldwide with the most advanced, simple-to-use and reliable UV curing technology. OmniCure® leverages its unique industry expertise to deliver faster and more consistent UV curing results, ensuring our customers capitalize on highest product quality and production efficiency savings.

OmniCure® UV curing systems offer a high degree of adaptability and ease of integration with a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from precision UV spot curing to advanced LED UV area curing systems. Addressing the demands of a wide range of UV applications, OmniCure®’s core technology is built on ingenuity and UV expertise which includes both advanced LED UV curing systems and intelligent UV curing lamp systems. These systems are designed to meet the demands of precision assembly applications that can be easily integrated into both automated and stand-alone manufacturing environments.

OmniCure® LED UV curing systems for small to wide area curing applications are innovatively designed to provide an exceptionally uniform area of high optical power for fast, even curing of adhesives, coatings and inks. Designed with advanced air-cooled technology, OmniCure® LED UV curing systems are an ideal solution for UV printer integrators in particular, which provide high UV output and less heat impact to the substrate essential for performing at high printing speeds without compromising print quality.

OmniCure S Series UV curing lamp systems are used for precision adhesive curing in industries such as medical device, electronic and optoelectronics assembly applications. With features such as Closed-Loop Feedback technology, irradiance adjustment and a selection of band-pass filters, OmniCure® UV curing lamp systems are designed to match the specific requirements of the UV adhesive and component parts being assembled; thus, delivering a repeatable curing process resulting in improved product quality, rapid production and reduced manufacturing costs.

Utilizing advanced UV LED technology, OmniCure® LX400+ UV LED spot curing systems have been uniquely designed to reduce assembly costs through high power efficiency and superior control. The LX400+ LED UV curing systems include our patented Intelli-Lamp® technology allowing users a great degree of process assurance through real-time LED temperature monitoring and recording of LED hours of operation. OmniCure® LX400+ UV curing systems offer a robust and intuitive user interface with the ability to control up to four UV LED spot curing heads simultaneously or independently at different wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm and 400nm.

The OmniCure® AC Series of LED UV curing systems utilize high output LEDs with customizable optics to deliver a unique air-cooled UV area curing solution with high power UV output and low temperature curing results for outstanding throughput performance and increased production yields. The AC-Series of UV curing systems utilize a proprietary module calibration process to offer unprecedented uniformity across multiple dimensions achieving consistent and reliable UV area curing results. Designed for a range of applications using small to wide substrates, the AC-Series is available in both 365 and 395nm wavelengths for greater flexibility in developing a UV curing process across a variety of adhesives, coating and inks.

Lumen Dynamics – In the Forefront of UV Curing Technology

Lumen Dynamics has built a position as a global leader in the delivery of innovative light solutions through its 30 years of industry experience. We have been designing and creating solutions for Manufacturing and Life Science light delivery needs since 1984.

UV curing and precision bonding are central to our company’s work. We provide innovative manufacturing solutions to meet a wide variety of light-based production needs. Our products are continuously evolving to meet the challenges of modern advanced manufacturing and to provide innovative and dynamic solutions to the challenges of advanced production.

While advanced technology is our product, our long-term success is the result of our enduring commitment to customer care and satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art UV Curing Systems

Lumen Dynamics offers an array of UV curing systems to meet the needs of many manufacturing applications. Below are several applications where OmniCure® UV curing systems have helped advanced manufacturers streamline production, reduce cost and increase production rates.

Medical Device Manufacturing with UV Curing

OmniCure® UV curing systems are important manufacturing techniques for assembling medical devices. Their effectiveness stems from their rapid processing, ability to cure on demand, easy automation, low temperature needs, and relatively lower energy needs.

OmniCure® UV curing systems are ideal for a variety of manufacturing processes. They can assemble plastics, rubber, stainless steel, and glass, and are effective means of joining substrates – either similar or dissimilar – in controlled UV assembly processes. There are multiple UV curing system options for assembling medical devices. These curing systems include UV LED and UV spot light systems providing comprehensive solutions to your UV assembly processes.

Medical device manufacturers can rest assured that their assembly process will be controlled and repeatable when using our UV curing systems. This security is the result of features including Closed-Loop Feedback, wavelength selection, and precise irradiance control. OmniCure’s® reliability will help improve product yields through allowing precise process control of essential parameters like product temperature, optimal optical maintenance, optical energy, and spectral content.

These features promote repeatability, meaning that OmniCure® UV curing systems are ideal for both automated processes and manual assembly in high volume manufacturing systems. Ultimately, our OmniCure® will lower your bottom line through reducing your operating costs and lowering the amount of scrap material leftover from production.

UV Curing for Electronics and Optoelectronics Manufacturing & Assembly

OmniCure® UV curing systems are invaluable for the manufacturing and production of many electronic and optoelectronic components. Our systems have the advantage of combining high speed with repeatability, making it ideal for high volume manufacturing.

There are several UV LED area curing and UV spot curing systems offered by OmniCure® that can meet the needs of complex electronic assembly applications. Our systems offer precise irradiance, spectral output and component temperature control making them easily incorporated into automated manufacturing environments.

The irradiance adjustment, Closed Loop Feedback, selection of band pass filters, and wavelength options features make OmniCure® flexible and able to meet the requisite needs of the specific adhesive and component parts you need to assemble. You can repeatedly bond a variety of materials using OmniCure® UV spot curing and UV LED area curing systems, including stainless steel, plastics, metals, rubber, glass, and similar or dissimilar substrates.

UV Adhesives, Assembly, and Coatings

UV and visible light curing adhesives are an important technique for manufacturing assembly. Their utility lies in their on demand nature, rapid processing, lower energy requirements, and solvent free bonding.

OmniCure® UV spot curing products are effective means of bonding many substances, including stainless steel, rubber, plastics, glass, and similar or dissimilar substrates. Lumen Dynamics specializes, in particular, in coating, sealing, and repair applications.

Our product applications include:

  • Adhesives in Manufacturing
  • Ceramics
  • Diamond Assembly
  • Glass
  • Lens Bonding and Coating
  • Stained Glass

UV LED Curing Systems & Digital Printing

A globally established use of UV curing systems is their application to UV digital printing. Interest in this application continues to grow. UV LED lamps are on the cusp of taking on arc lamps to be the next stage in UV printing.

This UV technology has multiple inkjet print applications and the extra appeal of lower cost and higher quality than their competitors. Extended life of the machinery and less need for maintenance reduce overall costs, while the UV LED curing system’s ability to produce higher quality prints with less heat creates less impact on the substrate. Adding to the benefits of these features is the lower environmental footprint of this technology. It uses substantially less energy and makes no mercury or ozone emissions. These features ensure that UV LED curing systems are a leading candidate to replace arc lamps.

There are significant advantages to using UV LED curing over other light source printing applications. The concentration of UV light in a narrower spectral range leads to cooler print results. This cooler printing allows you to use UV printing on substrates that are heat sensitive. UV LED curing also has a lifespan that can be more than 10 times that of traditional arc lamp solutions. With UV LED curing, your printer architecture will never need internal or external shutters due to the instant on/off capabilities. All of this at a lower cost of ownership!

OmniCure® light sources are ideal for UV printer integrators in many industrial applications. With high volume output, high-printing speeds, and air-cooled UV LED technology that do not compromise quality, these are the best solutions for your print needs.

OmniCure® UV curing systems reduce cost because they don’t require tubing, coolant, or external chillers/heat exchangers, while also integrating easily into UV inkjet architecture.

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OmniCure® Product Family


S Series

OmniCure S-Series UV light curing systems provide global manufacturers with the most advanced, simple to use, & reliable UV adhesive spot curing solutions on the market.

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LX400+ UV LED spot curing system

LX Series

The OmniCure® LX400+ Controller offers a robust and intuitive user interface with the ability to independently operate up to four UV LED spot curing heads at different wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm and 400nm.

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UV LED large area curing systems

AC Series

OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems offer high power, superior air-cooled performance and maximum integration flexibility to best fit the needs of both small and wide area curing applications.

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UV Curing Applications

medical device uv curing applications

Medical Devices

An important bonding and assembly technique for medical device manufacturers is the use of UV curing adhesives due to their rapid processing, cure on demand nature, ease of automation, lower energy requirements and solvent free bonding.

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uv curing electronic assembly applications


Manufacturing of electronic and optoelectronics components will benefit from UV curing systems that provide highest precision control and repeatability to achieve the throughput and yields necessary in high volume automated processes.

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general UV curing assembly applications

General Assembly and Coatings

OmniCure®'s UV curing solutions can be used when bonding a variety of plastics, stainless steel, glass, rubber and similar or dissimilar substrates; we specialize in sealing, coating and repair applications.

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Digital Printing

UV LED curing systems improve print quality with less heat impact to the substrate and lower operating costs through extended life and less maintenance compared to other curing technologies. Environmental benefits are low energy consumption, and no mercury content or ozone emission.

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