Awards and Recognition

Lumen Dynamics has been honored with a variety of awards. These accolades have come from prominent and international organizations that have recognized the company's superior technology, dedication to innovation, customer service excellence and talented team members.

2012 International Customer Service Association Awards

2012 Platinum Contact Centre of the Year and
2012 Silver Customer Service Representative of the Year

Awarded with the 2012 Platinum Contact Centre of the Year, Lumen Dynamics receives the highest recognition for customer service excellence by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA). This award recognizes companies who have demonstrated effective service management and who continually strive to strengthen the service center’s role within the organization.

Lumen Dynamics also received a second award which was presented to one of its customer service employees honored as the 2012 Silver Customer Service Representative of the Year. With hundreds of candidates nominated within this category, this award went to the top customer service representative who demonstrates consistent motivation and ability to create positive customer experience on every interaction.

2012 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards

Lumen Dynamics has attained the 2012 Microscopy Today Innovation Award by the Microscopy Society of America for its X-Cite® XLED1 Internal Pulse Generator. Awarded on the basis of importance and usefulness to the microscopy community, the Internal Pulse Generator provides researchers with precise time control and pulsing of each LED for advanced biological imaging applications.

Offered exclusively in the X-Cite® XLED1, the Internal Pulse Generator provides fast, timed wavelength switching between LEDs beyond the scope of motorized filter wheels into unprecedented microsecond speeds. Researchers can now capture a level of fast cell dynamics in multi-color live cell experiments that was previously limited by existing technologies. The ability to pulse each LED at microsecond speeds is also believed to extend the life of cells by reducing the effects of photobleaching and cellular damage caused by continuous illumination of light.

2010 Prism Award

2010 Prism Award was awarded for Lumen Dynamics’ X-Cite® XP750 Objective Plane Power Sensor designed especially for measuring power in watts at the specimen level for fluorescence microscopy applications. The XP750 is an intuitive and powerful measurement tool built on precise engineering to overcome the intricacies involved in enabling researchers to measure power at the objective plane with highest accuracy and convenience.

The X-Cite® XP750 achieves an impressive dynamic range without the use of attenuating filters, allowing it to maintain a sleek form factor that fits easily on the microscope stage of both upright and inverted models; making it easy and convenient to obtain consistent and repeatable illumination throughout research experiments. The XP750 also serves as a diagnostic tool for multi-user facilities, technical sales representatives, service centers and individual microscopists in assisting with equipment set-up and troubleshooting.